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What is Sustainable Real Estate Development

You may be wondering “what is Sustainable Real Estate Development”? According to the online definition Sustainable real estate development is the practice of incorporating…
sustainable commercial real estate development

Investing in Student Housing

Considering an investment in student housing? It’s a smart move for anyone looking to secure a profitable venture, even in fluctuating economic climates. Student…
commercial real estate development in austin texas

What is Industrial Real Estate

Unraveling Industrial Real Estate: Insights and Opportunities Industrial real estate, a critical component of the global economy, facilitates a wide array of activities essential…

Industrial Real Estate

Navigating the World of Industrial Real Estate: A Guide by Casey Development, Ltd. In the ever-evolving landscape of the real estate industry, industrial real…

What Is Commercial Real Estate

In the dynamic world of real estate, commercial properties stand as a cornerstone, offering diverse opportunities and challenges to developers, investors, and businesses alike.…
Commercial Real Estate

What is a Mixed-Use Building?

Throughout history, towns and cities have often been developed around central arteries, such as Main Street, with commercial premises on the ground floor and…
multi-use building development in san marcos, texas

Tips to managing a Commercial Property

Commercial property managers commonly get  confused with residential property managers, even though the occupations have a  scope of work and property types. As a…
commercial real estate development in Austin Texas

Networking in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investing success is based on how good you are at networking. Most often we hear the word “networking” and think of…

Types of Commercial Real Estate to Invest in

Commercial real estate encompasses a large number of asset classes, including retail, office, mobile home park, RV park, apartments, billboards, industrial, self-storage and raw…
public storage commercial real estate

Types of Industrial Real Estate

There are many different types and uses for industrial properties, which leads to an array of structures associated with each. If you are looking…
industrial real estate, flex warehouse space

What is a Sustainable Community?

Today national governments, local municipalities, and everyday citizens are aware of the potential long term negative effects of climate change. Many cities throughout Texas…
sustainable real estate development

Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

Every serious real estate investor will eventually explore adding multifamily developments to their investment portfolio. The reason for doing this is simple: investing in…
multifamily real estate investing