What is Sustainable Real Estate Development

You may be wondering “what is Sustainable Real Estate Development”? According to the online definition Sustainable real estate development is the practice of incorporating environmentally-friendly design techniques, materials and technologies into the building process. If you’re unfamiliar, yet curious, about investing in sustainable real estate, consider partnering with a sustainable real estate development company. In this post, we’re going to highlight the benefits of sustainable real estate development and what one can expect when making an investment into this up-and-coming investment opportunity.

Sustainable Real Estate Development

Sustainable real estate development is about creating sustainable communities that are energy & water efficient, and providing an environmentally friendly community for people. Eco-friendly, or sustainable real estate developments, are a large part why Texas is home to some of the hottest commercial real estate markets in the country. Take a look at some of the benefits of sustainable real estate development and why investors should invest in it.

Benefits of Sustainable Real Estate Development

With an inherent focus on sustainable practices and reducing their carbon footprint, residential redevelopers (and even commercial redevelopers) are awarded a wide array of benefits, many of which offer improved investment results. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you will defiantly want to implement sustainable real estate development practices into your business sooner rather than later.

Future Proof Your Business

Sustainability is the future of nearly every industry, and commercial developers are no different. Worldwide consumption of natural resources are at an all-time high, and governments around the world are enacting laws to reduce emissions and consumption. These laws are not only being enacted at the federal level, but many local municipalities, such as Dallas and Austin, are requiring any new commercial real estate to be self sufficient, and energy & water efficient. When asking yourself why you should invest in commercial real estatebe sure to ask if the property is going to be environmentally friendly and self-sustaining in order to prevent future costly upgrades to meet those requirements.

sustainable commercial real estate development

Low Operating Costs

Sustainable real estate development offers improved operation efficiencies and long-term operating cost reductions for business. Eco-friendly methods used in sustainable real estate development use less energy, water, electricity, and materials. For those interested in protecting the long-term health of our communities and planet, these factors make sustainable real estate development a worthwhile long-term investment opportunity.

Improved Health & Productivity

Green building design offers serval advantages for employers and employees, including improved productivity, job performance, and overall well-being. Many employers factor in how a property will facilitate these factors when deciding on where to house their company. Studies have shown that occupants of green-certified buildings had higher cognitive function scores, better sleep quality, and fewer sick building symptoms than those working in non-certified, less efficient buildings.

Corporate Commitment

Many companies in Texas are shifting towards eco-friendly buildings and operations in order to uphold their ethical responsibility to protect the environment. While maintaining their corporate commitment, they are also able to publicize their environmental awareness and action to potential clients, the community, and their employees.

Environmental Reasons for Sustainable Developments

Investing in sustainable real estate not only provides benefits for companies, businesses, and employees that work in those properties, but there are also several environmentally conscious benefits as well.

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Certified Green buildings minimize inefficiencies to general fewer greenhouse gases and landfill waste than non-green buildings. Raw materials that are used in sustainable commercial real estate development are also eco-friendly. These materials are purchased from green suppliers that ensure their production methods limit overall carbon dioxide emissions

Natural Resource Conservation

Sustainable building design helps address natural resource depletion by using them as efficiently as possible. Green buildings, as mentioned, utilize sustainable materials during construction. This can include reused & recycled items or renewable resources.

Water Conservation

Eco-friendly development focuses on water efficiency using cutting edge technology that reduces water consumption. Low-flow plumbing fixtures, rainwater capturing tanks, and water pressure reduction systems are just some of the ways green buildings can reduce water use.

Casey Development, Ltd.: Sustainable Real Estate Developers in Texas

Casey Development, Ltd. helps our investors stay on the cutting edge when it comes to trends in commercial property development. One of the ways we do that is by seeking out sustainable commercial real estate development projects in Central Texas. Contact Casey Development, Ltd. to begin your journey of sustainable real estate development.