Networking in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investing success is based on how good you are at networking. Most often we hear the word “networking” and think of social media. The networking we are discussing in this article is more than that, and you will build a massive clientele if you take the time to implement some or all of these networking methods into your everyday hustle as someone in the commercial real estate market. Getting a deal done is only half the battle when you are a commercial real estate agent. Building clients can be a slow tedious process, but it is one that will be highly beneficial to you. Soon, your name will be out there, and when people need a commercial real estate developer/agent they will know who to call.

How to Network within the Commercial Real Estate Industry in Texas

Step 1- Post your profile on commercial databases

These two professional organizations Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) and the listing service LoopNet will allow you as a qualified agent to add to their information, such as listing your specialties and your resume to their database.By doing this step you now have gained a massive amount of exposure to literally millions of new clients who use sites such as these listed when they are looking to buy,sell or to lease.

Step 2- Utilize your firm’s marketing material

If you work for a major commercial real estate firm then chances are you have agent support staff. Agent support staff can help you by providing marketing materials. This might include them with providing you a marketing kit, portfolio, direct mailer and starting the process of having your own webpage. Working for a large firm is invaluable, you are able to piggyback off of their success, their resources, databases, marketing materials, and the leads they have acquired through their years in business.

Step 3- Create your own Website

If you do not work for a large firm, and you are not able to use the resources from one you are not a loss for options. Commercial Real Estate has some independent agents, so we have a solution for you too. You will need to begin to establish your online presence. What this will include is a website all about you, not forgetting to include details about your services, and any information that will show that you are an expert in this area. You can build your own site if you want too, but it is suggested that you hire a professional website company to do this for you.

Step 4- Social Network Sites

Social networks are not just for catching up with your highschool friends, nowadays it is being used for alot of marketing purposes. Not only is social networking FREE but you can reach beyond your scope of people, you can network with their friends, you can follow commercial real estate pages and engage on them to get your name out there. Twitter offers a microblog platform to which you can advertise on. Linkedin allows you to connect exclusively to those that do what you do or close to it. Huge advantages to social networking.


Step 5- Establish yourself as an authority figure

Make yourself seen as a source to relevant news outlets. For example local, trade and niche publications that cover your particular product type. E-mail a short but to the point  letter to relevant editors outlining your affiliations, experience, specialties and market thoughts.Do not leave out your contact information, as well as another way they can reach you. Giving readers  your thoughts and advice on the market is a foolproof way to build trust with businessmen and investors that are yet to cross your path so far.

Step 6- Ask a vetted broker to be your mentor

We see many commercial real estate brokers who are excelling at their job and have clients overflowing. They also have a wealth of knowledge that you would be lucky to get your hands on.  Take the time to learn about all the agents who work in your firm.Seek out the one who you think would best benefit what you seek to do, and begin to build a friendship.  Do not hesitate to ask this person to guide you and mentor you, I am sure they would not mind because most love the chance to see someone grow. Through time this new source may even allow you in on deals, and share their workload with you.

Casey Development, Ltd: Commercial Real Estate Investors in San Antonio

Commercial Real Estate again is no easy task. The job takes a lot of self discipline and being okay with going that extra mile. It is not just a job 9-5, it is literally an investment to the rest of your life. If you’re ready to begin that journey, contact the expert team of commercial real estate investors at Casey Development to learn more about our commercial real estate development in San Antonio opportunities.